• Your partner in strategy and people development

  • Our mission is to add value to dry cargo shipping industry

    We specialize in

    People Development

      Helping Shipping Companies to capitalize on their people asset through

      • maritime leadership coaching - LLP (leadership and loss prevention) 

      • mentoring the team to stretch their personal and professional potential

      • succession planning for leadership positions

      • safety leadership and behavioral change of perception of risk

      • multiplying leaders at sea and on shore for fleet expansion and projects

      • inspiring the team to make complacency history with 5 focus areas

      Strategic Advisor for Operational and Cost Efficiencies

        Working with top management of Ship Owners, Managers and Operators for change management, strategy, innovation and projects

        • enhancing the returns on maritime assets and bottom line by continual improvement of process, operational and cost efficiencies with prime focus on the safety of crew and the environment

        • setting effective crewing, repair and maintenance strategies to maintain the ships in mint condition, for commercial competitiveness by trading in any stringent regime with any cargoes 

        • setting KPIs for loss prevention, breaking free from complacency and over confidence from past success without adverse incidents

        • managing regulatory landscape, energy efficiency and IMO's 2030 goals

        • implementing the strategies by walking with the team to finish point 

      • Reach us, find solutions for your maritime business

      • We can help you to maximize the potential from your people and maritime assets


        You wouldn't try to climb Everest without a sherpa. Find someone to help you navigate the new success environment you've deservedly found yourself in. - Les McKeown